Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chapter 16


Finally Brooklyn was home after a couple of months of being in the hospital. Carrie and Brad were happy their daughter was home and luckily Brad had finally finished the nursery.

Carrie was walking out of the nursery after putting Brooklyn down in her crib. She held the baby monitor in her hand and went looking for Brad. He was sitting in the living room watching golf and Carrie went and sat down next to him on the sofa. He casually put his arm around Carrie so she snuggled into his chest.

"You know I totally have no interest in golf" Carrie said looking at the screen.
"Drat because I was planning on becoming a professional golfer because this hockey thing is not working out so I guess we have to break up now" Brad joked which earned him a punch by Carrie.
"Dude, I guess we have to break up and Brooklyn is coming with me" Carrie said sitting up and smirking at Brad.
"Is that right? I think you will have a custody fight on your hand because she is my child too" Brad said raising his eyebrows.
"A fight huh? Then bring it on Mr Goon" Carrie laughed.

Brad leaned in and Carrie thought he was going to kiss her but he pressed his forehead against hers and winked, "Mr Goon" and then they laughed.


Brad was in bed reading and he looked up as Carrie emerged from the bathroom.

"Wow I likie what I see" Brad said dropping his book on the floor and patting the empty side of the bed.
Carrie walked over to the bed and climbed in but before she could get comfortable, Brad grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down and then moved above her.

"Dude, is this your way of seducing me?" Carrie said sarcastically.
"Yes now get naked so we can just have sex" Brad joked and leaned in and started nibbling on Carrie's earlobe.

Carrie giggled and instead of Brad pretending to be a cave man he actually seduce Carrie gently and sweetly. They slowly undressed each other and there was lots of kissing.

Brad was touching Carrie and he knew exactly how to make her scream his name all night long. Carrie was holding onto Brad's strong shoulders tightly. Brad touched Carrie all over and then kissed her body everywhere. Brad was kissing her stomach and then moved back up and kissed her on her lips and then let his fingers stroke her most sensitive spot until she was very wet for him. He entered her gently and they moved together in perfect unison until they both climaxed together.

Brad finally moved off of Carrie and they cuddled together in bed and fell asleep in each others arms all night long.