Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chapter 18

***Warning Adult Themes***

Brad had learned finally he would stay with the Rangers in New York for at least one more year. There was a new coach hired so that hopefully would help Brad get his game back. But Brad was still not his super cheery self lately because he kept thinking about his crappy last season. His bad attitude was making his home life kinda rough too. Carrie could tell he was not totally happy with everything and that made her upset too. She was trying to think of things to make Brad happy but nothing worked. Finally Carrie had been pushed to her limits and made a decision.

"Why the fuck are you packing?" Brad practically yelled.
"Because you are acting like a depressed pissed off spoiled brat. I have tried and tired to do things to make you smile and nothing works. You just sit and mope around and complain. I do not know what else to do. And I do not want Brooklyn around you either." Carrie stated and continued to pack. Then Brad grabbed Carrie's arm and turned her around to face him and Carrie struggled but Brad was too strong. He looked at her and leaned in and kissed Carrie deeply. After the kiss Carrie looked up at Brad confused and he let her go.

"You think kissing me is gonna make me change my mind" Carrie said looking annoyed and walked back to her suitcase and continued packing.
"Yes I do think it will change your mind. Please do not leave me now. I know I have been a horrible person lately and I feel like I am disappointing you and that hurts me more than anything. Carrie, I need you and yes you have tried to help me and I just pushed you away and I am so sorry. Forgive me and let us work this out. Will you help me?" Brad asked walking over to Carrie and taking her hand in his and kissing her wrist which he knew got Carrie every time he did it.
Carrie looked up at Brad and nodded, "I forgive you but you better get your act in gear for all our sakes."
"I promise sweetheart. I love you so much, Carrie" Brad said and kissed Carrie again.

A few days later Brad was working out at the Rangers practice facility with a few of his teammates who were still in New York. Brad was concentrating hard on his workouts and thinking of a way to make up with Carrie. He knew she was working hard on the wedding plans which was great but they needed a trip away without thinking about wedding plans, hockey, family and life. Brad was knocked out of his thoughts when a teammate walked by and slapped him on the back.

"Hey Richie, how's it going?" asked Michael Del Zotto as he walked over to the stationary bike next to Brad.
"Oh hey DZ. Nothing much just thinking" Brad said as he looked at Michael.
"You seemed really into your zone which is good. Everything cool dude?"
"Yeah its cool. Just thinking of a good place to get away with my fiancee" Brad said thoughtfully.
"Well good luck with that and I am sure you will figure it out. Just make sure you spend lots of money on her" DZ joked and then walked away.
Brad just shook his head and went back to what he was doing.

Carrie was playing with Brooklyn in the living room when Brad got home. He walked in and saw them having fun and laughing. Brooklyn was just now sitting up on her own which was nice.

"What are you two up to today?" Brad asked.
"Just playing with her stuffed animals. She is just having fun throwing them and I get them. Oh the entertainment of a child" Carrie joked and Brad smiled.

That evening Brad was in bed looking up ideas for a romantic trip for two when Carrie finally joined Brad under the covers.

"What are you doing hotstuff?" Carrie asked snuggling onto Brad's strong chest.
Brad pulled Carrie closer and kissed her temple and then said, "I am thinking about taking you away for a few days of rest and romance."
"Now I am liking what you are saying. Rest and Relaxation would be wonderful. Getting away from everything with you would be fun." Carrie said sweetly.
"You forgot the romance part and that is what I am liking a lot too" Brad joked and Carrie giggled.
"Yes romance is a wonderful thing too not that we can not be romantic here too" Carrie said moving to look up at Brad and pull his face to hers to kiss him.
Brad took that opportunity to move the Ipad on the floor and then decided to romance his gorgeous fiancee that night.
Carrie enjoyed the closeness with Brad that night.

Brad took control and slowly seduced Carrie. He helped her out of her pajamas and he quickly shed his boxer shorts. Then he enjoyed his view of Carrie. She blushed and then pulled him to her. His hands moved all over her body and she touched him too. Carrie felt lightning bolts of electricity all over her body because Brad was kissing her and touching her like he loved her completely. Brad knew how to make Carrie feel amazing and loved. Finally Brad was kissing her abdomen and then he surprised her and kissed her between her legs and she lost it.

"Oh my god Brad" Carrie cried out and then was quiet because Brad moved back up her body and then entered her gently. They moved together in perfectly unison. Brad continued to move and he felt Carrie tighten against him and exploded with her orgasm. Carrie held onto Brad as he felt himself orgasm too and spill his seed into her womb. They collapsed together in the afterglow of their love making. Brad finally moved off of Carrie and they snuggled together for the night.