Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chapter 8

Brad showed up at the hospital and rushed as fast as he could to Carrie's room. He knocked on the opened door, "Hey" Brad said.
Carrie looked up at Brad and then looked down at her hands in her lap.
"Carrie baby look at me. I know I fucked up and I love you more than anything" Brad said walking over to her bed and sitting down where Aunt Susan had been sitting. Susan walked quietly out of the room to let the couple talk. Susan smiled and knew that everything would be fine with Brad and Carrie.

Carrie continued to look at her hands and fiddle with the blanket, "I love you too but I think we need to just take one thing at a time".
"What do you mean?" Brad asked tilting her chin so Carrie was looking at him.
"I mean lets be parents first and then think about getting married later" Carrie said and leaned up to kiss Brad.
Brad deepened the kiss and pulled Carrie as close as he could to his chest. Carrie put her arms around Brad's shoulders and Brad leaned Carrie down just a little bit until they hit the pillow on the hospital bed but then were interrupted by a nurse.

"Excuse me but I need to check on the patient" the nurse said as Brad and Carrie broke apart both embarrassed. Carrie giggled and Brad gave her another quick kiss and then pulled back and then got up from the bed so the nurse could check Carrie.

Brad sat back on an extra chair in Carrie's room and waited until the nurse was finished. The nurse checked Carrie's abdomen and then checked the baby monitor and then looked over a few other things and then whispered to Carrie, "Everything is fine so I will let you spend more time with that hunk of a boyfriend of yours ok" the nurse smirked and Carrie giggled as they both looked at Brad who gave them a confused look.

The nurse left and Brad walked back to the bed and sat down next to Carrie.

"So where were we?" Brad joked leaning in for another kiss which made Carrie giggle as Brad pressed his lips to hers again.

Then Brad pulled back and looked at Carrie whose eyes were still slightly shut and her lips were slightly swollen from his kiss. Carrie opened her eyes and looked at Brad who was smiling down at her.

"You look beautiful Carrie" Brad said.
"Thank you Brad and I love you" Carrie said.
"I love you too Carrie and I know you need rest so if we are good, I am going to go home and let you sleep. And I will be back in the morning to check on you".
"Don't you have practice or something?"
"Yeah but I will come before and then after so we can just be together" Brad said.
"Thanks" Carrie said and then Brad leaned in for one more kiss and then headed home.

Carrie got comfortable and watched some television and her phone rang and she looked to see her aunt calling her.

"Hey Aunt Susan"
"Hey sweetie, how did things go?"
"Good we talked and everything is fine"
"In other words he kissed you senseless and you could not help but forgive him"
"Aunt Susan really"
"Carrie I know you and how you feel about Brad and you love him and know deep down he is a good guy and wants to be with you no matter what"
"Yes you are correct"
"Good now get some rest so you can go home to that man so he can seduce you and love you the best way he knows how, which is kiss you senseless and smile at you so you are weak in the knees" Aunt Susan joked.
Carrie giggled, "Yes mam".
"Goodnight Carrie"
"Goodnight Aunt Susan"

Carrie hung up and got comfortable and feel asleep dreaming of Brad kissing her senseless and making her happy.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chapter 7

***Warning Adult Language***

Life is not always perfect and Carrie and Brad were going through a rough time because of something that one of Brad's friends wives told Carrie at a get together with the Rangers hockey team.

"Brad was telling Henrik that he does not plan on getting married until after his hockey career was over. So when Henrik told me you guys got engaged I was happy for you two but surprised" Therese Andersson Lundqvist said to Carrie.
"I never knew he said that" Carrie said in complete surprise, "Now I am super confused and think I might have to talk with him later on".
"Sorry I do not mean to start trouble with you two because you two are so cute together and Brad seems really happy now compared to past relationships he has had since I have known him" Therese said giving Carrie and hug and Carrie hugged her back and said, "Its ok you did not start anything but it is making me think about how crazy life and relationships can be these days".

Carrie wandered away from the party and outside to the balcony to get some fresh air and think about what she had just learned. Carrie had thought that it had been kinda sudden with the engagement and it hit her that maybe he did it partially because of the baby or he had changed his thoughts about his future.

Brad was looking around and did not see Carrie anywhere in the room and then noticed the doors to the balcony were opened and so he wandered out there and saw Carrie. He walked over to her and put his arms around her waist.

Carrie jumped and turned to see Brad holding her, "Hey darling" Brad said and then leaned down to kiss Carrie on the lips but she turned her head and he ended up kissing her cheek. Brad pulled back, "What was that all about?" Brad asked with a confused look on his face.
"We can talk about it later" Carrie said moving away from Brad and feeling bad for saying it.
"Sure" Brad said and then they both went back inside to the party and they both pretended everything was fine.


The ride home was quiet and Brad kept looking over at Carrie and wondering what was going on.

They got home and Carrie went inside first and Brad followed afterwards. Carrie went to the bedroom and Brad went into the kitchen and grabbed a beer and then went to the den and turned on the television.

Meanwhile Carrie packed a bag and then headed downstairs and Brad saw her walk by and he jumped up and ran over to where she was and was shocked that she had a suitcase.

"Where are you going?"
"I need some time alone to think" Carrie said.
"Why and wait a minute you said we would talk when we got home but you just pack a bag and walk away. What in the hell is going on?" Brad exclaimed loudly.
"Sorry and all I will say is that one of your teammates wives told me that you said that you were not going to start a family until after your hockey career was over and yet you ask me to marry you. And part of me just realized it was kinda sudden after I told you I was pregnant that we got engaged so I am not sure what to think right now so can you give me some time?" Carrie asked hopefully.
"I am shocked but you know I love you and I did say that but you made me rethink my life and future but I will give you the time you need to figure things out. Where are you going to go?" Brad asked looking sad.
"My Aunt Susan's place and she knows so if you need me that is where I will be" Carrie said and then heard a hocking and it was her aunt's car service and Brad helped her out and gave Carrie a quick kiss before she left.

Brad waved as the car drove off but he was so confused and hated interviews and the internet but hoped that this time apart would help and make Carrie realize that they were meant to be not matter what anyone said about any subject.

Carrie cried the whole way to her aunt's place but knew she needed a little time to just think without Brad in the same room with her.

When she got to her aunt's place she had calmed down and told her aunt she just wanted to be alone and Susan understood and helped her get settled in her room. Susan left Carrie so she could be alone and think.

After a few hours later Susan went to check on Carrie and found her asleep in the bed. Susan smiled and covered her with a blanket and kissed her head and said to herself, "You just needed rest sweetie and everything will be ok" and then she left the room.


During the middle of the night Carrie woke up to a pain her in abdomen. She tried breathing and trying to calm down but the pain was too much to bear so she just walked as best she could to the bathroom but did not make it and passed out on the floor.

Susan heard a noise and got up and walked into the hallway and saw Carrie on the floor and went over to her, "Carrie sweetie are you ok? Carrie, Carrie". Susan ran to call 911 and the ambulance showed up fast and took Carrie to the hospital.

Susan followed the ambulance in her car and when she got to the hospital she was told she would have to wait until they admitted Carrie before she could she her. So Susan waited and hoped that everything with Carrie would be fine.

Finally the nurse came out to talked to Susan and told her what room Carrie was in so she headed down there and slowing opened the door to see Carrie resting in the bed.

"Hey sweetie how are you feeling?" Aunt Susan asked.
"I do not have any idea why I am here" Carrie said slightly disoriented.
"You fainted and I found you. I am just glad you are here and hopefully everything will be fine".
"Yeah I hope so" Carrie said putting her hand on her abdomen and doing her own little prayer for her baby.

Just then the doctor came in and to check on Carrie.

"How is the patient feeling" Dr Middleton said.
"I feel better now than when I woke up with that pain. What happened and why am I here" Carrie asked.
"You are just stressed out and need rest so I am keeping you here for a few days so you and your baby will not have any further complications" Dr Middleton said and Carrie just nodded her head and laid back in her bed.

The doctor checked a few more things and then left the room.

Aunt Susan's phone started ringing and she looked at who was calling her and it was Brad.

"Carrie, Brad is calling me. What do you want me to tell him?" Susan asked.
"I, ummmm......I....I guess you can tell him I am here" Carrie said reluctantly.

"Hello Brad" said Susan.
"Hello Susan how are you?" Brad asked being the perfect gentleman.
"Good and how are you?"
"Frantic and worried to death about Carrie. She is not answering her phone and she said she was staying with you so I figured I would try calling you. Do you know where she is or why she is not answering her phone, please" Brad said freaking out.
"Calm down Brad. She is right here with me".
"Are you guys at home because I really want to see her".
"Actually we are at the hospital".
"Oh my god what happened?" Brad said practically losing it on the phone.
"Carrie fainted and she is in the hospital resting because she was under some serious stress" Susan said.
"I am on my way now. Which hospital are you at?" Brad asked.
"We are at Mount Sinai Hospital. Carrie is in room 1919 and...." Susan said and before she could finished Brad quickly said, "Bye" and hung up.

"Well sweetie he is on his way. You gonna be ok with him here?"
"Yeah I really need to talk to him. Can you stay until he gets here?" Carrie asked.
"Of course" Susan said sitting down next to Carrie on her bed and gave her a hug.

Carrie relaxed and just waited for Brad to show up so they could figure out where they should go from here.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chapter 6


Brad was now doing a lot of thinking about his future now that he was going to be a father. He knew he was going to ask Carrie to marry him and he wanted the perfect plan.

Brad was working out at Madison Square Garden on a stationary bike. He was listening to his ipod and in his zone so when his teammate came over and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey Brad, hey" Henrik Lundqvist called out.
Brad felt someone tapped his shoulder and looked over to see Henrik and he took out his earpieces, "Hey Henrik, what's up?".
"Nothing just saw you in here and thought I would bother you because you looked so intense riding the bike" Henrik joked.
"Oh yeah I just have some things on my mind" Brad said.
"Yeah well becoming a father is a huge thing and I am not sure you and Carrie planned it but it is great news".
"Well to tell you the truth, I purposely hoped Carrie would get pregnant soon in our relationship because she has been through so much and I want something special for her to look forward too" Brad explained.
"That kinda sounds like you Brad but still you planned on getting Carrie pregnant" Henrik said surprised.
"Yeah I know it sounds crazy but she needs this baby so much but I also am trying to come up with an amazing plan to ask Carrie to marry me" Brad said looking at his teammate.
"Good luck man and I am sure you will figure something that will surprise Carrie" Henrik said patting Brad on the back.
"Thanks Henrik, I appreciate that a lot. Well I gotta head home anyway so see you tomorrow for practice" Brad said getting off the bike and picking up his stuff they guy hugged and both headed out.

Meanwhile Carrie was heading to her condo after a busy day at work. She was really tired but kept her eyes opened till she got home. She opened the door and walked in and her eyes popped out of her head. There were roses everywhere and lit candles everywhere and red and pink balloons filling up her living room.

Carrie dropped her stuff on the counter in the kitchen and wandered around her living room and poked her way through all the stuff and try to figured out why her living room was redecorated in pink and red.

Brad heard Carrie come in and was nervously waiting in the bedroom with a ring in a box. He was sitting on the bed just waiting patiently. Then he heard her called out.

"Ok Brad I know your are behind this what is going on?" Carrie asked and continued, "And where are you?"
Brad laughed a little and then called out to Carrie, "Sweetheart, I am in the bedroom".

Carrie rolled her eyes and swore if he was naked and hoping to get lucky tonight she was going to murder him because this was ridiculous.

Carrie cautiously opened to her bedroom and peeked around the door and saw that Brad was not naked so she breathed a sigh of relief and walked into the bedroom.

"Dude what is up with all the pink and red balloons, candles and roses. I love them but I could not walk through my living room" Carrie said and then noticed that Brad seemed nervous.
"Carrie just come here and sit down please" Brad asked and Carrie did what he said.
She looked at Brad and he was fiddling with something in his hand and finally he took her left hand and put a ring on her finger and looked at her. Carrie looked at the ring and then at Brad unsure of what was going on.

Brad finally got his voice again and said, "I love you Carrie and I want my favorite person to be my partner in life forever so what do you say?"
Carrie looked again at the gorgeous ring on her finger and admired the ring and then took Brad's face in her hands and kissed him hard and then looked at Brad in his eyes and just said, "Yes" and Brad smiled and kissed Carrie again.

That evening Carrie seduced Brad. She told him to stay in the bedroom while she was in the bathroom.

"I have a surprise for you Mr Richards" Carrie whispered into Brad's ear and he smiled and leaned back in the bed.

Carrie grabbed something and then headed into the bathroom. When she finished and came out Brad jaw dropped. Carrie was in another amazing lingerie outfit that made him lose it right then and there.

"Baby wow now get over here quickly" Brad grinned.
"Not yet darling" Carrie said and took her time walking to the bed. She sauntered over and Brad was quickly getting out of his clothes and then patted the bed next to him and Carrie just took her time.

Finally she made it to the bed and Brad grabbed her and pulled her to him. She giggled and Brad started his kissing assault on her earlobe and neck. He quickly took off her lingerie so he could enjoy her curves and kiss her senseless. Brad started moving to her breasts and suckling one and then the other and then moving down to her abdomen and then letting his hands touch her soft skin and kissing her more between her thighs and her clitoris. Carrie was going crazy and Brad moved back up but let his fingers continue to caress her clitoris to make she was very wet for him to make love to her.

Brad made love to Carrie intensely and it was powerful for both of them. Brad change his speed and angles and Carrie felt a powerful orgasm hit her and she saw stars exploding around the room. Brad felt Carrie squeeze him and he heard her scream his name and shutter beneath him and that made him lose it and spill his seed into her womb as he felt his orgasm hit him. They collapsed together on the bed and Carrie kissed Brad's temple and hugged him tight.

Brad moved off of Carrie and they cuddled the rest of the night.

"Carrie, I love you" Brad said and kissed her deeply and Carrie answered back, "I love you too".