Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chapter 8

Brad showed up at the hospital and rushed as fast as he could to Carrie's room. He knocked on the opened door, "Hey" Brad said.
Carrie looked up at Brad and then looked down at her hands in her lap.
"Carrie baby look at me. I know I fucked up and I love you more than anything" Brad said walking over to her bed and sitting down where Aunt Susan had been sitting. Susan walked quietly out of the room to let the couple talk. Susan smiled and knew that everything would be fine with Brad and Carrie.

Carrie continued to look at her hands and fiddle with the blanket, "I love you too but I think we need to just take one thing at a time".
"What do you mean?" Brad asked tilting her chin so Carrie was looking at him.
"I mean lets be parents first and then think about getting married later" Carrie said and leaned up to kiss Brad.
Brad deepened the kiss and pulled Carrie as close as he could to his chest. Carrie put her arms around Brad's shoulders and Brad leaned Carrie down just a little bit until they hit the pillow on the hospital bed but then were interrupted by a nurse.

"Excuse me but I need to check on the patient" the nurse said as Brad and Carrie broke apart both embarrassed. Carrie giggled and Brad gave her another quick kiss and then pulled back and then got up from the bed so the nurse could check Carrie.

Brad sat back on an extra chair in Carrie's room and waited until the nurse was finished. The nurse checked Carrie's abdomen and then checked the baby monitor and then looked over a few other things and then whispered to Carrie, "Everything is fine so I will let you spend more time with that hunk of a boyfriend of yours ok" the nurse smirked and Carrie giggled as they both looked at Brad who gave them a confused look.

The nurse left and Brad walked back to the bed and sat down next to Carrie.

"So where were we?" Brad joked leaning in for another kiss which made Carrie giggle as Brad pressed his lips to hers again.

Then Brad pulled back and looked at Carrie whose eyes were still slightly shut and her lips were slightly swollen from his kiss. Carrie opened her eyes and looked at Brad who was smiling down at her.

"You look beautiful Carrie" Brad said.
"Thank you Brad and I love you" Carrie said.
"I love you too Carrie and I know you need rest so if we are good, I am going to go home and let you sleep. And I will be back in the morning to check on you".
"Don't you have practice or something?"
"Yeah but I will come before and then after so we can just be together" Brad said.
"Thanks" Carrie said and then Brad leaned in for one more kiss and then headed home.

Carrie got comfortable and watched some television and her phone rang and she looked to see her aunt calling her.

"Hey Aunt Susan"
"Hey sweetie, how did things go?"
"Good we talked and everything is fine"
"In other words he kissed you senseless and you could not help but forgive him"
"Aunt Susan really"
"Carrie I know you and how you feel about Brad and you love him and know deep down he is a good guy and wants to be with you no matter what"
"Yes you are correct"
"Good now get some rest so you can go home to that man so he can seduce you and love you the best way he knows how, which is kiss you senseless and smile at you so you are weak in the knees" Aunt Susan joked.
Carrie giggled, "Yes mam".
"Goodnight Carrie"
"Goodnight Aunt Susan"

Carrie hung up and got comfortable and feel asleep dreaming of Brad kissing her senseless and making her happy.

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  1. Aww what a cute chapter. Glad that Brad was there for her. Hopefully Carrie will be okay along with the baby. Can't wait for more!