Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chapter 9


Brad woke up early to go and see Carrie before practice and when he got to the hospital. He quietly walked into Carrie's room and saw she was still sleeping so he went and sat down next to her on the bed and took her hand in his and kissed it. Brad just sat and watched her sleep and the only noise was the baby monitor that was keeping track of the baby's heartbeat. Brad looked over at the baby monitor and just listened as it kept track of the babies heart rate. It was kinda soothing and reassuring that the baby was fine because Brad knew that being parents was very important to him and Carrie.

Brad was slightly memorized by the machine and did not noticed when Carrie woke up.

"Hey morning handsome" Carrie said stretching.
Brad jumped slightly at Carrie's voice and then smiled at her, "Morning gorgeous" and then kissed her gently.
"You are here so early?"
"I told you I was coming back before practice and missed having you next to me last night in bed".
Carrie giggled, "I did not miss you".
Brad looked shocked, "What you did not miss me? Now I am heartbroken".
"Because you were in my dreams and held me all night long" Carrie joked, "Now you better give me a great morning kiss!"
Brad smirked and kissed Carrie.

"Anyway how are you feeling?" Brad asked still holding Carrie's hand.
"Better and hopefully soon I can leave because I really want to be in my own bed".
"I want you in our bed too" Brad said winking at Carrie. Carrie just rolled her eyes and knew exactly what Brad was thinking.
"You are being such a guy with all this bedroom talk. Now you need to get to practice so you will win your game tomorrow" Carrie said.
"Yes but I will be back soon. Do you need anything before I go?" Brad asked wanting to be the good fiancee and making sure she was fine.
"I am good Brad and I think they will be bringing me some food soon because I am starving".
"Why did you not say something because I would have gotten you something sweetheart?" Brad said trying to be helpful.
"Its really fine Brad. I promise just relax and get going so you are not late. I am fine" Carrie said touching Brad's cheek to help him chill out.
"But you are pregnant and so you have two people to be feeding so I worry more for both you" Brad said as he let go of Carrie's hand and put his hand on her abdomen and gently caressed it.
Carrie smiled and put her hand over Brad's on her abdomen, "We are fine now go".
Brad leaned over to kiss Carrie and were interrupted by a young woman came in with a tray.

"I am here with your breakfast Ms Andrews" the young woman said and Carrie smiled.

"Thank you" Carrie said and Brad took the tray and set the table over Carrie's bed so she could eat her breakfast.

"See my food is here darling and I will be fine" Carrie smirked at Brad. Brad smiled again and kissed her gently on the lips, "I love you and will be back in a little bit" he said and left.

Carrie took a breath and then ate her breakfast and then turned on the television and then after a little while Carrie went back to sleep.


Brad was enjoying having a good hard practice with his teammates. They were working hard on drills and faceoffs.

Finally practice was done and the guys were all showering and getting dressed for the rest of their day. Brad's teammate, Henrik, noticed that Brad had a little more zip in his step about getting ready to leave the rink so he had to mess with him.

"Hey Brad you got a hot date or ants in your pants because you seem to be in a serious rush to get out of here?" Henrik chirped loudly so the rest of the guys heard.
Sure enough more of the guys noticed and starting making jokes at Brad about him rushing to get dressed.
Brad finished getting dressed and then looked up at his teammates, "Yeah I am getting some from a hottie who screams my name all night long unlike most of you" Brad chirped back as he grabbed his bag and saluted his teammates as he walked out the door.
"He got us all on that one" Henrik said as the rest of the guys just laughed.


Brad went to the flower shop before he went back to the hospital. He wanted to get Carrie some flowers to lighten up the room and the plus was to show her he loved her with some roses.

He got to the hospital and wandered into her room and she was sitting reading a book when Brad walked in with the flowers.

"Hey" Carrie said, "Those are beautiful flowers, Brad".
"I just wanted to get you some flowers because I love you" Brad said placing the flowers on the table near the window and then he came and sat down next to Carrie, "How are you doing?".
"I am good and thank you for my flowers" Carrie said kissing Brad.
"You are welcome sweetie and I would do anything for you" Brad smiled and touched Carrie's cheek and then kissed her again.
"I know Brad and I feel so lucky to have you in my life" Carrie said smiling at Brad.
"I am the lucky one and always will be because you are so precious to me, Carrie".

Carrie smiled and then looked at Brad, "The doctor said I should be able to leave tomorrow morning".
"I will be here to take you home" Brad said with a huge grin on his face which made Carrie smile too.

The rest of the time Brad cuddled with Carrie on her hospital bed and they watched tv and talked.


The next morning Carrie was talking with the doctor about what she can do to relax so that she and her baby's health would be fine. As they were talking Brad showed up.

"Hey Brad" Carrie said smiling at him and he smiled back.
"Are you ready?" he asked.
"Yes I am. Can you get my bag please?"

Brad grabbed Carrie's bag while the doctor gave Carrie her paperwork.

"Carrie just take it easy because I know you two want to have a healthy baby" the doctor said and both Carrie and Brad nodded.
"Thanks doctor for everything" Carrie said shaking the doctor's hand and then she and Brad headed out of the hospital.

When Carrie and Brad got home she was so relieved and relaxed.

"Oh my god Brad you do not know how happy I am to be here" Carrie said sitting down on the sofa and Brad sat down next to her.
"I am happy you are here too" Brad said and pulling Carrie so she was sitting on his lap.
"Hey what are you trying to do dude?" Carrie laughed but enjoying the closeness to her man.
"Wanting to be intimate with my gorgeous fiancee and showing her how much I love her" Brad said kissing deeply and letting his hands move over her body.
Carrie moved so she could let her hands roam over Brad's body too. She slid her hands under Brad's shirt and she heard him groaned as she continued letting her hands over his abs. Brad pulled back and quickly shed his shirt and helped Carrie take her shirt off too. Brad then looked at Carrie and said, "Lets go back into the bedroom so we can be more comfortable". Carrie got up and helped Brad up off the sofa and she led him back to the bedroom.

Carrie walked over to the bed and Brad stopped her before she sat down. He pulled her close and kissed her.

"Just stay put in here for a moment and I will be right back" Brad said to Carrie. Carrie looked confused but sat down on the bed and watched as Brad walked into the bathroom.

While he was doing whatever he was doing, Carrie grabbed a blanket and put it over her shoulders because she was cold and then gave up on staying put because she was curious so she went to the bathroom and opened the door.

Brad had the water running in the tub going and there were bubbles filling the tub up too. Carrie crept in and surprised Brad who jumped, "Hey you were supposed to stay put" he joked and took the blanket off of her and threw it on the floor.

"Sorry I got bored waiting and curious as to what in the world you were doing in here" Carrie laughed.
"I just thought a relaxing bubble bath for two would be relaxing and fun for us" Brad said suggestively which made Carrie giggle.

"Now I think you need a lot less clothes on for this bubble bath" Brad said and starting helping Carrie take off the rest of her clothes and then helped her step into the bathtub. Carrie sank into the amazingly hot water and it felt like heaven and then Brad quickly undressed himself and joined Carrie.

Carrie moved so that she was straddling Brad's lap. They started kissing again and touching each other. Carrie felt Brad's hand move between her thighs and start caressing her clitoris and she started squirming and feeling wetter and it had nothing to do with the bath they were enjoying. Brad knew Carrie was enjoying what he was doing to her body and he continued with other parts like suckling her breasts and nibbling on her neck.

Carrie let her hands move along his hard manhood and he groaned and pushed her hand away because he would explode early if she kept touching him. He finally lowered her onto his hardness and she went crazy.

"Oh my god! Brad oh god Brad" Carrie kept calling out and Brad smirked and helped her move in and out of her. They made love in the bathtub until Brad lost it and spilled his seed into Carrie's womb. Brad held Carrie close until they both calmed down from their lovemaking high.

Carrie moved off of Brad and sat down next to Brad who held her close and whispered into her ear, "I love you" and Carrie looked at Brad and smiled back at him, "I love you too".

Finally Brad helped Carrie out of the tub and he helped dry her off and then they went to bed and cuddled together and fell asleep in each others arms.

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