Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chapter 10

Brad was busy with the playoffs coming up and so Carrie was spending a lot of time sitting at the condo because she was officially on bed rest by the doctor.

"Ugh I am so bored" Carrie said to the walls. She was waiting for the Rangers game to come on the tv. She was so annoyed that she could not go to Madison Square Garden to support her man but at least she could watch the game.

Finally the game started and Carrie was enjoying all the action.

"Come on guys score" Carrie yelled at the tv. The action was getting faster because the Rangers were playing their arch rival the Islanders. During the second period was getting nasty with lots of fights. Carrie watched as Brad actually threw some punches at some Isles player. Brad ended up on the ice with the other guy but from what the commentators said Brad had won that fight which made Carrie smile.

"That's my man" Carrie giggled again to herself. She could not wait until the game was over so that Brad would be at home with her.

As luck would have it the game ended in regulation and the Rangers had won.

Carrie was glad because that meant Brad would be in a great mood and they could celebrate.


Brad got home really late because all the reporters wanted to talk with him after the game because he had scored the game winning goal. But while he was talking with the reporters all he could think about was Carrie and hoping she was fine. Ever since her stay at the hospital he was extremely protective of Carrie and wanted nothing to happen to her or their baby.

Finally he was home and he quietly walked into the bedroom and saw Carrie sleeping peacefully. Brad walked over to the bed and just looked at Carrie and smiled.
She looked like an angel with her hair spread across the pillow.

Brad undressed and climbed into bed. He pulled Carrie to his body and held her close.

Carrie felt Brad pulled her to him and she turned to look at him.

"Hey baby. Go back to sleep sweetheart you need rest for your sake and the baby's" Brad said gently and caressed Carrie's cheek and then kissed her tenderly.
Carrie yawned and then snuggled into Brad's chest.

"Hey Brad"
"Yes Carrie"
"I love you Brad"
"I love you more Carrie"

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  1. awww what sweet and lovely update. I can't wait for more!