Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chapter 11


The Rangers were seriously getting more into the playoffs and so Brad was really busy and doing a lot of traveling. That meant that Carrie was alone but she was fine with it because it gave her time to rest that both she and the baby needed to stay healthy. Carrie did watch Brad play on tv when he was on the road but when he was in town, she would go to Madison Square Garden and seat in a box with her Aunt Susan to cheer on Brad.

One evening Brad was actually at home for a couple of days so he was enjoying his time home with Carrie. They were actually chilling out in the den watching a movie because Brad needed to forget hockey for a little while. Carrie was snuggled against Brad's chest and was really enjoying being in Brad's arms and the feeling of Brad's hand caressing her back. She was getting sleepy and looked up at Brad and smiled.

"Hey Brad, if you keep caressing my back I am going to be asleep in five minutes" Carrie said drowsily.
Brad continued and before he knew it Carrie was asleep against his chest. He smiled and continued to watch his movie.
When it was over Brad picked up Carrie and took her to bed. Brad cuddled Carrie close and they fell asleep together.

The next morning Carrie woke up feeling the baby playing soccer with her bladder so she gently untangled herself from Brad's arms to go into the bathroom. She was washing her hands when she heard Brad call out to her.

"Baby get back into bed with me" Brad called out.
Carrie smirked and quickly finished in the bathroom and headed back to Brad.
Brad smirked when Carrie climbed back into bed and cuddled with Brad.

Carrie and Brad were laying facing each other and Brad leaned in and kissed Carrie deeply. Brad then started to seduce Carrie by letting his hands slide over Carrie's body. He gently undressed Carrie and then shed his own pajamas. Carrie slid her hands along Brad's back.

"Oh god Brad! Touch me everywhere. Oh God!" Carrie cried out.

Brad continued to kiss Carrie on her neck and then slowly moved to her collarbone. Carrie continued to squirm at Brad's touch because she was so sensitive by being pregnant. Brad then moved down to her breasts and suckled one and then the other.

"Bradley Glenn Richards oh yes yes yes"

Brad smirked at hearing his full name coming out of Carrie's mouth in the throws of passion. He continued to kiss her down her abdomen and then to her most sensitive spot. And then Carrie lost it to Brad's kisses and had a powerful orgasm then Brad moved back up Carrie's body. Carrie was catching her breath from what Brad has just done and then he leaned down and kissed her again.

Before Carrie knew it Brad was gently caressing her sensitive spot again and she was feeling wet again and then Brad gently slid into Carrie's wetness. Brad moved slowly to let Carrie get used to him and then started on a faster pace which they both enjoyed until Brad spilled his seed into Carrie's womb and Carrie orgasmed.

They finally calmed down for their special morning love making session and Brad moved off of Carrie and held her close.

"Brad that was amazing and a nice way to start my day" Carrie said kissing Brad.
"I love you so much Carrie and would do anything for you" Brad said kissing Carrie again and again.
"I love you too Brad" Carrie said.

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  1. oh wow. a sexy chapter huh. I love it. I can't wait for more!!