Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chapter 12

The Rangers were battling with the Devils in the playoffs and then in game 6 of that series the Devils knocked out the Rangers. Needless to say Brad and his teammates were heartbroken about the loss. It was hard but they all got through the after game interviews and packed their bags and climbed onto the airplane to head back home to their families.

Brad got in really late and quietly walked into the bedroom and put his bags down and then went over to the bed and looked at Carrie sleeping peacefully. He knew Carrie had been watching the game because he was getting texts from her when he checked his phone between periods but because of her pregnancy she could not travel. Brad knew Carrie wanted to be at the game but the baby and Carrie's health were way more important.

Brad walked into the bathroom and then got ready for bed and then slid into the bed and put his arm around Carrie's waist and got comfortable and then went to sleep quickly.

The next morning Carrie woke up to the feeling of Brad's strong arms holding her. She turned to face Brad but it was not as easy because of her huge baby belly but she managed. She gently touched his sleeping face and smiled. Carrie knew Brad was upset because of the loss against the Devils so she was going to try and make Brad happy whatever way possible. Carrie leaned in and kissed Brad's lips and then waited to see if Brad would wake up which he did.

"Morning gorgeous" Brad said, "I loved getting woken up by you kissing me".
Carrie leaned back in for another amazing kiss which Brad totally loved, "I love you so much and want you to always to be happy" Carrie said with her amazing smile and drove Brad crazy in a good way.
"You always make me happy in any situation" Brad said smiling.
"Brad, I know last night was tough and I really wish I could have been there after the game to give you a hug and kiss" Carrie said as a tear fell down her cheek and she bit her lip.
"Oh baby do not cry and the health of our baby is way more important and I knew you were there" Brad said holding his fiancee close and kissing her temple.
"Oh Brad, how did I get to be so lucky to have you back in my life?" Carrie asked.
"No Carrie, I am the lucky one to have you to want me back in your life" Brad said and kissed her again.

They cuddled and talked more in bed for a lot of the morning.


That evening Brad, Carrie, his parents, his sister, Paige, and Carrie's aunt Susan were sitting in Brad and Carrie's condo living area relaxing after a great dinner out earlier.

"Brad you guys played amazing and we have next season to get that cup" Brad's dad Glenn said and Brad's mom Delite nodded in agreement.
"Yeah we do" Brad stated quietly.
"Carrie, how are you feeling these days?" Paige asked.
"Oh gosh I am tired all the time and all the crazy baby things that are happening to my body. I know I am driving poor Brad up the wall with everything" Carrie said looking at Brad.
Brad looked at Carrie and kissed her temple and smiled.

At one point Carrie was in the kitchen getting coffee going for everyone in the kitchen. Carrie was reaching up for something in the cabinet and she felt something in her abdomen.

"Oh wow" Carrie said and shook it off but then she felt it again and this time Brad overheard her and was next to her instantly.
"Baby, what's wrong?" Brad asked concerned holding Carrie.
"I....I....I think the baby is coming...I think. Take me to the hospital please" Carrie pleaded.
Brad picked Carrie up in his arms and everyone else helped out by getting Carrie's bag and getting the house situated after they are left and headed to the hospital.

In the car, Carrie looked over at Brad and said, "Brad, the baby is coming early and I am really scared!"
Brad grabbed Carrie's hand and squeezed it and said, "Everything will be fine, I promise".
"I love you Brad"
"I love you more Carrie"

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  1. wow! wow! this chapter was intense. I hope Carrie and the baby are okay! :)