Monday, January 30, 2012

Chapter 5

Carrie was getting more comfortable with this relationship with Brad. She was enjoying going to his games and cheering on the Rangers and doing volunteer work as a hockey girlfriend. Carrie was enjoying a full healthy relationship with Brad and it was fun. But recently she was starting to feel tired more than usual but thought nothing of it because she had been working a lot lately.

One day the party planners were having a morning meeting and Carrie put her stuff in the conference room and was about to settle in her chair when some smell hit her wrong and she zoomed out of the room and into the bathroom to throw up. She cleaned her face off at the sink and thought nothing of it. She went back to the meeting and sat down feeling somewhat better but a few moments later she trying to keep her eyes opened and her aunt Susan noticed but did not say anything. Finally the meeting was done and Carrie was collecting her stuff when her aunt stopped her.

"Carrie are you ok? Are you sick sweetie?"
"I went out to dinner with Brad last night and maybe I ate something that did not settle with me but I will be fine. I promise" Carrie said apologetically.
"Carrie, its not your dinner from last night. I know this, what's really going on?" Susan asked with concern.
"Nothing Aunt Susan, I have been busy and did not sleep great last night but I am going to get my work done".
"Darling, I am woman just like you and I know you and Brad are having a full adult relationship which means I know you are having sex so I bet you are pregnant. I know this from having a couple of kids myself. I know you were pregnant a couple of times before and what happened but this time I bet you are further along than your past pregnancies and did not realize all the effects its having on your body. Sweetie go to the doctor and find out because this would be great news for you and Brad" Susan explained.
"Aunt Susan, I.....I....can not be pregnant....I or maybe" Carrie stuttered looking confused.
"Go call the doctor" Susan said and Carrie went to her office and called.

A few hours later Carrie was leaving the doctor's office with a little miracle growing inside of her. She waved down a taxi and headed to Madison Square Garden to find Brad.

When Carrie got to the arena and found the offices she talked with the security guard and he sent Carrie to the team lounge. She ran into a few of the guys and they all chatted and finally Brad walked in and saw Carrie and smiled when he saw her.

"Hey gorgeous what do I owe the honor of your presence here?" Brad asked pulling Carrie into his arms and kissing the top of her head.
"I just came from the doctor and just needed to talk to you" Carrie said biting her lip and Brad looked worried.
"Come on we can find someplace to talk in private" Brad said leading Carrie away and his teammates looked at each other wondering what was going on and hoping that everything was fine for Carrie and Brad.

Brad found Coach Torts and talked to him for a moment and Coach Torts said they could use his office. Carrie thanked the coach and he patted her shoulder and said nodded.

Brad shut the door and turned around, "What's going on? Carrie you are scaring me majorly when you said doctor and talk to me in private. Spill now".
"Sorry I just wanted this to be a private conversation between you and me" Carrie said.
"OK so what's wrong?" Brad demanded.
"Nothing is wrong and I healthy and......" Carrie stopped and walked over to Brad and took his hand and put it on her abdomen.
Brad looked at his hand and then looked into Carrie's eyes and shook his head, "Are" Brad stuttered.
"You are going to be a dad" Carrie exclaimed and smiled as she looked into Brad's eyes and Brad grinned from ear to ear and then pulled Carrie close and kissed her like it was no tomorrow.
"I thought you were sick so do not ever ever do that to me again!" Brad demanded and Carrie pulled away from Brad and started crying.
"Oh baby I am sorry I did not mean to scare you" Brad said feeling bad for scaring Carrie and pulling her to him to calm her down, "I did not mean to scare you or ever hurt you. I am thrilled about our baby".
"I thought you were mad and I did not know what you might do but I am glad you are happy about our baby" Carrie said calming down as Brad was hugging her and rubbing her back. Carrie was slowing calming down and Brad could tell, "Baby this is the best thing ever, a baby. We are going to be parents and I love you so much".
"I love you too Brad" Carrie snuggled into Brad's strong arms.

Brad and Carrie left the office and everyone was staring at them and so Brad decided to get all their attention.

"Ok so you all are staring at Carrie and I so just to let you all know, Carrie's pregnant" Brad said.
His teammates were hooting and hollering and congratulating Carrie and Brad on their new bundle of joy.

Carrie was happy and now that she told Brad first about their baby she knew that everything was going to work out.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chapter 4


Brad was very protective and took everything slow with Carrie after learning of her past. He also wanted to make sure she was not afraid of the next steps in their relationship. It was not a lie Brad was a man and Carrie knew it and she wanted him to be happy to in their new relationship.

Brad has spent the night several times but it was just the two of them snuggling together and a little making out because Carrie was still trying to get used to having a man hold her at night and not hurt her in some way.

One evening Carrie had gotten home and was changing into something more comfortable. She was going through her drawer and found the bag of lingerie she had bought and she forgot she had bought another outfit because it had looks so cute and was so comfy that she bought it too. Carrie decided to put it on and was checking herself in the mirror in her bedroom when she heard her name being called out.

"Carrie sweetheart where are you?" Brad called out.
Carrie was quickly trying to find something to cover herself but was too late because Brad walked in and his eyed widened.
"Wow I likie what I see" Brad said smirking as he walked over to Carrie and pulled her to him and then started nibbling on her earlobe and neck. Carrie could not help but giggle and tried to playfully push him away but he was extremely strong. Brad continued his kissing assault on Carrie. Carrie finally gave up and surrendered to Brad and put her arms around his shoulders and then Brad picked her up and playfully threw her on the bed.

Carrie landed on the bed gently and Brad climbed on top of her and then sat up and took off his shirt and then laid back down on top of Carrie to kiss her deeply.
Then he leaned up on his arms and looked down at her and smiled, "Did you purposely get naked knowing I was coming over?"
Carrie giggled, "Yes I wanted to be naked just for you when you got home so you would be happy guy".
Brad smirked again and then took off the rest of his clothes and then slowly started to seduce Carrie. He touched her gently and kissed her on her shoulder and the slowly slipped her bra strap off and then moved to the other shoulder and did the same to that strap. Then Brad moved to Carrie's cleavage and kissed her there and Carrie wiggled and moaned at his touches and kisses. Brad knew exactly what he was doing to make Carrie loved and cherished.

Brad then slid his hand behind Carrie's back and unhooked her bra and then he threw it to the floor and exposed her perfect breasts. He leaned down to suckle one of them and then he gave his attention to the other one and let his hand moved to her matching panties and slid them off quickly with a little help from Carrie and then he sat up to admired the beauty that was laying on the bed below him.

Carrie tries to cover herself because she was cold and was not used to being stared at naked.

"Don't cover yourself baby you are gorgeous".
"I am cold dude. Now I need a blanket" Carrie said trying to grab the blanket but Brad moved to be on top of her and try and help her warm up which he did easily.

They started touching each other again and Brad moved his hand to Carrie's most intimate spot between her legs and started caressing her clitoris to make sure she was very wet for when he made love to her. Carrie grabbed hold of Brad's shoulders and needed to feel the closeness of his body to hers. Brad smiled when he felt her pulled him to him. He moved to look into her eyes, "Baby I want to love you are you ready?" Brad asked and Carrie nodded and answered, "Yes Brad I love you so much and just be gentle". Brad leaned down and kissed her deeply and then gently entered her tight wetness and groaned at the amazing feeling it was to love Carrie.

Brad moved gently in and out of Carrie's wetness. He changed the pace to slow for a while and then faster and it made Carrie go crazy.

"Oh god Brad yes yes yes please" Carrie cried out as Brad hit her in the right spot and she experience a powerful orgasm. It felt amazing to Carrie and she held tightly to Brad as she slowly calmed down from her amazing feeling. Brad moved a few more times and then exploded his seed into Carrie's womb and felt his own orgasm. He collapsed on top of Carrie and they held each other close. Finally Brad moved off of Carrie but pulled her to his chest to cuddle.

"I love you Carrie and I hope you are ok because I did not want to push you into anything ever" Brad said and then kissed her forehead.
"I love you too Brad and it was very special and I am very very happy" Carrie said and kissed Brad who smiled into the amazing kiss.

They finally feel asleep cuddled close together and very happy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chapter 3


"This is really hard to talk about because it brings back such horrible memories but I am in therapy and it is working. My counselor has been a god send to me and there were times I was ready to just give up and end it all but my counselor kept telling me that ending it all was not the answer. I had to fight this battle because it was not my fault" Carrie started and Brad continued to listen intently at every word Carrie was saying.

"My ex was at first a good guy because he did the nicest things, like send me flowers and tell me how pretty I was but that only lasted a short while and then he got all possessive and jealous. He would see me talking with a salesperson at a store and swear I was flirting with the guy and it started a huge argument in the privacy of my place or his place. Then I got slapped around or kicked or called every name in the book and I thought because of the way he explained things I deserved it".

Carrie took a breath and Brad pulled her closer and said, "You never deserved any of that. You are a beautiful and amazing woman and I promise you I am going to make sure you know how gorgeous you are in every way I can".

Carrie looked at Brad and smiled and then continued, "I kept all my bruises and hurt secret and keep a strong front so no one knew how bad my personal life was getting. Jason had also forced me have sex and it hurt. I thought it was suppose to be sweet and gentle because when I had been with you it was fun and made me feel special but with Jason he hit me and pushed himself on me and it was bad. I cried every time it happened but luckily it was not that much because I will tell him I was sick and he believed me. But my secrets were finally reveled after one assault by Jason. He had hurt me so bad that I was bleeding badly that I called 911 because I really thought I would die and....." Carrie could not and started sobbing and Brad hugged her tightly.

"Hey sweetheart if you want to stop its fine. And I hate seeing you upset and scared" Brad said and then kissed the top of Carrie's head.
"No I want you to know everything" Carrie insisted sitting back up to look Brad in the eyes.
"How about I get you a glass of water and then you can continue" Brad winked and got up to head into the kitchen.
Carrie sat there and thought how nice it was to be taken care of and not being scared all the time and being used.
Brad came back and handed her the water and Carrie took a sip and set the glass down and continued.

"The ambulance showed up and they took me to the hospital. While the doctors checked me out they found out I was miscarrying and it was bad because of being raped and beaten by Jason. They saved my life but I had lost another baby and that was rough even if it had been Jason's it was still my baby too."
"You lost another baby what are you talking about? Did that bastard get you pregnant twice?" Brad asked confused.
It hit Carrie she had never told Brad about their baby, "No Jason was not the father of my first baby that I lost. It was you" Carrie said now very sure that Brad would just leave her and never talk to her again.
"We had a baby?" Brad said in shock.
"Yes its kinda cliche but when I gave you my virginity when we were teenagers I got pregnant but we broke up and I actually got really sick and lost our baby. I will understand if you are upset with me for never telling you and if you do not want to have anything more to do with me I completely understand" Carrie said sniffling again and biting her lip.
"I am never leaving you and completely understand. We were young and were not ready for parenthood then but we are adults now and when you want to do adult things with me, I am ready" Brad joked to lighten the mood and leaned over to kiss Carrie's cheek which earned him a giggle from Carrie. That made Brad smile because she was smiling and laughing.
"Yes when I am ready to do adult things with you I will let you know and I just want you to know that Jason is serving a life sentence because he ended up doing some shady business deals that I had no part in what so ever" Carrie explained and Brad smiled.
"I know you are a tough girl and I am glad you are better now".
"Yeah well he also scared me with saying he had been with other women and that freaked me out so I went to the doctor to make sure I had not gotten anything from Jason because he said things to scared me into doing stuff for him. And thank god the doctors gave me a clean bill of health or else I would have really been a hopeless case" Carrie said shaking her head.
"Well then I am really looking forward to adult things with you, baby and I am going to make sure its special because you are very special to me, Carrie" Brad said and then surprisingly kissed Carrie and she welcomed his kiss and Brad deepened it and Carrie played tonsil hockey with him and she won.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chapter 2

A few days later Carrie was getting ready for work in her condo when her cell phone rang. She walked over to it and looked to see who was calling her because she had not given her new number to many people.

The screen on her phone flashed, "Brad" and Carrie smiled to herself and answered it.

"Hello" Carrie said smiling like a kid on Christmas.
"Hey hope its not too early to be calling you?" Brad asked with some concern.
"I am getting ready for work so its fine. How are you, Brad?"
"Oh good and I am fine. I was hoping that you might be free for dinner tonight?"
Carrie thought for a second and then responded, "I am free for dinner tonight" then she worried she had answered to quickly.
"Great then be ready at 6:30 tonight and dress to impress me" Brad joked.
"Oh gosh, I have to impress you well then I guess my lunch hour is me shopping for the most impressive outfit ever" Carrie said sounding worried.
"Sweetheart, I was kidding. You look amazing in anything even a hockey jersey but you do need to look nice for where I am taking you, ok" Brad kidded back.
"Thanks Brad and I will see you tonight. I gotta run so I am not late" Carrie said.
"Can not wait to see you sweetheart and have a good day" Brad said.
"You have a good day too" Carrie said and then they ended their calls.

About an hour later Carrie was sitting at her desk working and her aunt knocked on her door.

"Hey sweetie, how are you?" Susan said walking in and handing Carrie a coffee mug.
"Thanks, I was delayed this morning and forgot to stop by Starbucks" Carrie said accepting the coffee.
"You were delayed?" her aunt said sitting down in a chair by Carrie's desk.
"Sorry I was not late" Carrie apologizing and biting her lip.
"Sweetie, I do not care if you were late because you always get your work done but I am curious as to why you were delayed? Did it have anything to do with one gorgeous hockey player you chatting with the other day?" Susan smirked.
Carrie blushed and put her face in her hands and nodded.
"Oh Carrie that is wonderful! When is he taking you out?"
"Tonight and he is taking me to dinner".
"Great then you need to leave early so you can get yourself all dolled up for him and do not forget to wear some sexy undergarments because you never know what might happen afterwards" Carrie's aunt joked.
"Oh my god Aunt Susan seriously? I am not dating him. We are just going to dinner" Carrie said blushing and feeling very embarrassed.
"Carrie you are a grown up and so is Brad and you two have a history so go for it and I bet you will not be hurt or disappointed".
"Oh Aunt Susan" Carrie said shaking her head.
"I know things Carrie and I lived a long time now I am gonna go and get some work done and I suggest you leave early like around lunchtime so you will have plenty of all dolled up time for Brad" Susan said and walked out the door.
Carrie watched her aunt leave and then got back to business.

Around two o'clock Susan walked into Carrie's office and stood in the door.

"Go now and get yourself all dolled up" Susan declared and Carrie jumped.
"You scared me".
"I meant to now get a move on and I suggest you make a stop at Victoria Secret" Susan said and then left.

Carrie gathered her things and closed up her office and headed down to the car that was waiting for her. She told the driver she had some errands to run and they headed off.

After two and a half hours later Carrie was in her condo getting ready for her dinner date with Brad. She had listen to her aunt and bought some new lingerie to wear but was not planning on letting Brad see it.

Sure enough Carrie's intercom buzzed and she answered it, "Hello".
"Miss Andrews you have a visitor shall I buzz him in?" the doorman said.
"Yes please and thank you" Carrie answered and quickly went back into her bedroom to grab her purse and jacket.
The doorbell rang and Carrie took a deep breath and walked to the door and opened it to see Brad looking amazing in a suit. Carrie almost passed out because he looked so gorgeous.

"Wow now look at you, Carrie! Gorgeous simply gorgeous and I feel like a bum compared to you" Brad said taking Carrie's hand and twirling her around in front of him. Carrie giggled which made Brad smile.
"You look pretty dashing Mr Richards" Carrie said smiling.
"Why thank you Miss Andrews. Now are you ready for dinner?"
"Yes I think I am" Carrie said and Brad took her hand in his and they headed out.

After dinner Brad and Carrie walked for a little bit holding hands and enjoying some sights of downtown New York. Brad smiled down at Carrie as she looked around at all the lights and people. Carrie shivered slightly and Brad noticed and stopped to hail a cab. Carrie noticed how Brad was being so chivalrous because she was cold.

Brad got them a cab and they headed back to Carrie's condo.

When they got back to the condo and Brad sat down on Carrie's sofa and grabbed Carrie's hand and pulled her down onto his lap. Carrie squealed in surprise and Brad laughed.

"So this is awkward" Carrie said sitting on Brad's lap.
"No its not awkward at all. It is perfect because I get to enjoy you alone" Brad said and gently pulled Carrie's face to his so that their foreheads were touching.
Brad noticed that Carrie was trembling and he pulled back and looked into her eyes.

"Carrie you are shaking what's wrong?"
"I am scared".
"You do not need to be scared when you are with me".
"My past is why I am scared and it is not you" Carrie said attempting to move but Brad pulled her closer and surprised Carrie and kissed her gently on the lips.
Carrie looked at Brad and bit her lip and then started to cry and she moved and Brad let her get up.

Carrie wandered over to the window behind the sofa. She hugged herself and Brad came over to where she was and stood next to her but knew not to touch her.

"Carrie, sweetheart tell me what happened. I want to know" Brad asked.
"Its...a...long story" Carrie said between sniffles.
"I have all night to listen".
"Brad why do you want to know? We have not seen each other in forever? I just do not get it?" Carrie said turning to look at Brad with a confused look on her face.
"Because I have always loved you and always thought about you and wondered if I had not been stupid and left you behind when I headed to the NHL. And I am glad we reconnected and hope we can start over and maybe make this more permanent relationship. If that is ok with you?" Brad explained and put his hand out and Carrie took Brad's hand and he led her back to the sofa and they sat down together.

Carrie looked at Brad and said, "You are amazing and I hope you still want to be with me after what I have to tell you".
"Carrie, I will no matter what. Nothing you tell me would change how I have always felt about you. You are still the sweet and beautiful woman I remember".
Carrie smiled and leaned her head onto Brad's shoulder and took a breath. Brad held her and knew it was going to be a long night and that was fine with him because he wanted Carrie to be happy no matter what happened.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chapter 1

Carrie missed being with Brad when they had been young. He was so sweet and gentle with her and made her know that being with a man is supposed to be happy and not sad.

Life made the young happy couple have to go their separate ways and so Carrie thought that Jason was a good guy. He was nothing of the sort. He hit her, raped her and was verbally abusive and Carrie thought she deserved it but now she had gotten out of that relationship and moved away and Jason was now in jail and would never hurt her or anyone again.

Carrie was back in New York working for her Aunt Susan at her party planning company and just getting stronger by going to a counselor. Carrie was determined to get the past out of her mind and realize she was deserving of a healthy relationship with someone who would love her no matter what had happened in her life.


Carrie was going over some work on her laptop in her office when she heard a knock on her door. She looked up and saw her aunt standing in the door.

"Hey Aunt Susan come in" Carrie said as her aunt came and sat down on the corner of her desk.
"We just got a huge account for the business" Susan said smiling.
"That's great news. Who are we going to be planning a party for this time?" Carrie asked excitedly.
"The New York Rangers" Susan said.
"That is a huge account and I am really happy for you" Carrie said getting up from her chair and giving her aunt a hug.
"Sweetie you know who plays on the Rangers now?"
"No who?"
"Brad" Susan said looking at Carrie.
"Good for him" Carrie just stated and sat back down in her chair.
"Sweetie, it might be fun to see him again. Its not like you two had a bad breakup. You two just have different life paths but maybe it would be fun to reconnect with him. Catching up with old friends is fun. Think about it because this would be a great opportunity" Susan said as she got up and headed out of Carrie's office.

Carrie thought about what her aunt said and it would be fun just see Brad again and catch up.

Meanwhile at Madison Square Garden, the Rangers had just finished a tough practice and were having a team meeting in the locker room. Coach T walked into the room, "Hey guys give me your attention please"
The room got silent and all the guys looked up at their coach.

"This year's annual wine tasting party is being planned by "Kick It Up" and the owner is a good friend of my wife's. It will be required by everyone to attend. More details will be given out as it gets closer. I just wanted to give you all a heads up. OK that is all for now have a great afternoon and we will get to more serious tomorrow."

The guys are finally got themselves together and headed out of the arena.

Brad was heading out the door paying more attention to his phone than where he was walking. He bumped into someone and dropped his phone.

"Excuse me" Brad said and then looked to see who he had bumped into and his eyes widened, "Carrie?"
"What are you doing here?" Brad asked in shock.
"I am here with my aunt to help her with some party the Rangers are having soon" Carrie explained.
"Oh good so then you are a party planner?" he asked smiling at Carrie.
"I am my aunt's assistant and moved here recently so its all new to me" she said shyly.
"New to New York like me well I guess then since we are old friends, we can learn New York together, if you want to?" Brad suggested hopefully.
"Yeah since we are old friends that would be fun and I would love to catch up again unless your girlfriend or wife would have a problem with that?" Carrie said and then feeling stupid for saying it.
"No girlfriend or wife now, still a bachelor. What about you any boyfriend?"
"No I am single now and starting over from a recent past that was tough" Carrie explained.
"Oh ok, I know its always nice to have someone you kinda know to hang out with so give me your number and I will definitely be in touch so we can catch up because I would love that" Brad said smiling and they exchanged numbers and then said their goodbyes and both headed off in opposite directions.

Carrie was smiling when she finally found her aunt, who noticed who Carrie had run into.

"I see you and Brad were talking"
"Yes and he is gonna call me so we can reconnect and catch up at some point soon" Carrie said smiling.
"Good because you need some happiness in your life now, sweetie" her aunt said and they headed off to their meeting.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Brad Richards, Center for the New York Rangers

Carrie Andrews, Assistant in her family's Party Planning business