Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chapter 2

A few days later Carrie was getting ready for work in her condo when her cell phone rang. She walked over to it and looked to see who was calling her because she had not given her new number to many people.

The screen on her phone flashed, "Brad" and Carrie smiled to herself and answered it.

"Hello" Carrie said smiling like a kid on Christmas.
"Hey hope its not too early to be calling you?" Brad asked with some concern.
"I am getting ready for work so its fine. How are you, Brad?"
"Oh good and I am fine. I was hoping that you might be free for dinner tonight?"
Carrie thought for a second and then responded, "I am free for dinner tonight" then she worried she had answered to quickly.
"Great then be ready at 6:30 tonight and dress to impress me" Brad joked.
"Oh gosh, I have to impress you well then I guess my lunch hour is me shopping for the most impressive outfit ever" Carrie said sounding worried.
"Sweetheart, I was kidding. You look amazing in anything even a hockey jersey but you do need to look nice for where I am taking you, ok" Brad kidded back.
"Thanks Brad and I will see you tonight. I gotta run so I am not late" Carrie said.
"Can not wait to see you sweetheart and have a good day" Brad said.
"You have a good day too" Carrie said and then they ended their calls.

About an hour later Carrie was sitting at her desk working and her aunt knocked on her door.

"Hey sweetie, how are you?" Susan said walking in and handing Carrie a coffee mug.
"Thanks, I was delayed this morning and forgot to stop by Starbucks" Carrie said accepting the coffee.
"You were delayed?" her aunt said sitting down in a chair by Carrie's desk.
"Sorry I was not late" Carrie apologizing and biting her lip.
"Sweetie, I do not care if you were late because you always get your work done but I am curious as to why you were delayed? Did it have anything to do with one gorgeous hockey player you chatting with the other day?" Susan smirked.
Carrie blushed and put her face in her hands and nodded.
"Oh Carrie that is wonderful! When is he taking you out?"
"Tonight and he is taking me to dinner".
"Great then you need to leave early so you can get yourself all dolled up for him and do not forget to wear some sexy undergarments because you never know what might happen afterwards" Carrie's aunt joked.
"Oh my god Aunt Susan seriously? I am not dating him. We are just going to dinner" Carrie said blushing and feeling very embarrassed.
"Carrie you are a grown up and so is Brad and you two have a history so go for it and I bet you will not be hurt or disappointed".
"Oh Aunt Susan" Carrie said shaking her head.
"I know things Carrie and I lived a long time now I am gonna go and get some work done and I suggest you leave early like around lunchtime so you will have plenty of all dolled up time for Brad" Susan said and walked out the door.
Carrie watched her aunt leave and then got back to business.

Around two o'clock Susan walked into Carrie's office and stood in the door.

"Go now and get yourself all dolled up" Susan declared and Carrie jumped.
"You scared me".
"I meant to now get a move on and I suggest you make a stop at Victoria Secret" Susan said and then left.

Carrie gathered her things and closed up her office and headed down to the car that was waiting for her. She told the driver she had some errands to run and they headed off.

After two and a half hours later Carrie was in her condo getting ready for her dinner date with Brad. She had listen to her aunt and bought some new lingerie to wear but was not planning on letting Brad see it.

Sure enough Carrie's intercom buzzed and she answered it, "Hello".
"Miss Andrews you have a visitor shall I buzz him in?" the doorman said.
"Yes please and thank you" Carrie answered and quickly went back into her bedroom to grab her purse and jacket.
The doorbell rang and Carrie took a deep breath and walked to the door and opened it to see Brad looking amazing in a suit. Carrie almost passed out because he looked so gorgeous.

"Wow now look at you, Carrie! Gorgeous simply gorgeous and I feel like a bum compared to you" Brad said taking Carrie's hand and twirling her around in front of him. Carrie giggled which made Brad smile.
"You look pretty dashing Mr Richards" Carrie said smiling.
"Why thank you Miss Andrews. Now are you ready for dinner?"
"Yes I think I am" Carrie said and Brad took her hand in his and they headed out.

After dinner Brad and Carrie walked for a little bit holding hands and enjoying some sights of downtown New York. Brad smiled down at Carrie as she looked around at all the lights and people. Carrie shivered slightly and Brad noticed and stopped to hail a cab. Carrie noticed how Brad was being so chivalrous because she was cold.

Brad got them a cab and they headed back to Carrie's condo.

When they got back to the condo and Brad sat down on Carrie's sofa and grabbed Carrie's hand and pulled her down onto his lap. Carrie squealed in surprise and Brad laughed.

"So this is awkward" Carrie said sitting on Brad's lap.
"No its not awkward at all. It is perfect because I get to enjoy you alone" Brad said and gently pulled Carrie's face to his so that their foreheads were touching.
Brad noticed that Carrie was trembling and he pulled back and looked into her eyes.

"Carrie you are shaking what's wrong?"
"I am scared".
"You do not need to be scared when you are with me".
"My past is why I am scared and it is not you" Carrie said attempting to move but Brad pulled her closer and surprised Carrie and kissed her gently on the lips.
Carrie looked at Brad and bit her lip and then started to cry and she moved and Brad let her get up.

Carrie wandered over to the window behind the sofa. She hugged herself and Brad came over to where she was and stood next to her but knew not to touch her.

"Carrie, sweetheart tell me what happened. I want to know" Brad asked.
"Its...a...long story" Carrie said between sniffles.
"I have all night to listen".
"Brad why do you want to know? We have not seen each other in forever? I just do not get it?" Carrie said turning to look at Brad with a confused look on her face.
"Because I have always loved you and always thought about you and wondered if I had not been stupid and left you behind when I headed to the NHL. And I am glad we reconnected and hope we can start over and maybe make this more permanent relationship. If that is ok with you?" Brad explained and put his hand out and Carrie took Brad's hand and he led her back to the sofa and they sat down together.

Carrie looked at Brad and said, "You are amazing and I hope you still want to be with me after what I have to tell you".
"Carrie, I will no matter what. Nothing you tell me would change how I have always felt about you. You are still the sweet and beautiful woman I remember".
Carrie smiled and leaned her head onto Brad's shoulder and took a breath. Brad held her and knew it was going to be a long night and that was fine with him because he wanted Carrie to be happy no matter what happened.

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  1. love love this chapter. I hope Carrie tells Brad what happened to her and hope they get together. Awesome job!