Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chapter 4


Brad was very protective and took everything slow with Carrie after learning of her past. He also wanted to make sure she was not afraid of the next steps in their relationship. It was not a lie Brad was a man and Carrie knew it and she wanted him to be happy to in their new relationship.

Brad has spent the night several times but it was just the two of them snuggling together and a little making out because Carrie was still trying to get used to having a man hold her at night and not hurt her in some way.

One evening Carrie had gotten home and was changing into something more comfortable. She was going through her drawer and found the bag of lingerie she had bought and she forgot she had bought another outfit because it had looks so cute and was so comfy that she bought it too. Carrie decided to put it on and was checking herself in the mirror in her bedroom when she heard her name being called out.

"Carrie sweetheart where are you?" Brad called out.
Carrie was quickly trying to find something to cover herself but was too late because Brad walked in and his eyed widened.
"Wow I likie what I see" Brad said smirking as he walked over to Carrie and pulled her to him and then started nibbling on her earlobe and neck. Carrie could not help but giggle and tried to playfully push him away but he was extremely strong. Brad continued his kissing assault on Carrie. Carrie finally gave up and surrendered to Brad and put her arms around his shoulders and then Brad picked her up and playfully threw her on the bed.

Carrie landed on the bed gently and Brad climbed on top of her and then sat up and took off his shirt and then laid back down on top of Carrie to kiss her deeply.
Then he leaned up on his arms and looked down at her and smiled, "Did you purposely get naked knowing I was coming over?"
Carrie giggled, "Yes I wanted to be naked just for you when you got home so you would be happy guy".
Brad smirked again and then took off the rest of his clothes and then slowly started to seduce Carrie. He touched her gently and kissed her on her shoulder and the slowly slipped her bra strap off and then moved to the other shoulder and did the same to that strap. Then Brad moved to Carrie's cleavage and kissed her there and Carrie wiggled and moaned at his touches and kisses. Brad knew exactly what he was doing to make Carrie loved and cherished.

Brad then slid his hand behind Carrie's back and unhooked her bra and then he threw it to the floor and exposed her perfect breasts. He leaned down to suckle one of them and then he gave his attention to the other one and let his hand moved to her matching panties and slid them off quickly with a little help from Carrie and then he sat up to admired the beauty that was laying on the bed below him.

Carrie tries to cover herself because she was cold and was not used to being stared at naked.

"Don't cover yourself baby you are gorgeous".
"I am cold dude. Now I need a blanket" Carrie said trying to grab the blanket but Brad moved to be on top of her and try and help her warm up which he did easily.

They started touching each other again and Brad moved his hand to Carrie's most intimate spot between her legs and started caressing her clitoris to make sure she was very wet for when he made love to her. Carrie grabbed hold of Brad's shoulders and needed to feel the closeness of his body to hers. Brad smiled when he felt her pulled him to him. He moved to look into her eyes, "Baby I want to love you are you ready?" Brad asked and Carrie nodded and answered, "Yes Brad I love you so much and just be gentle". Brad leaned down and kissed her deeply and then gently entered her tight wetness and groaned at the amazing feeling it was to love Carrie.

Brad moved gently in and out of Carrie's wetness. He changed the pace to slow for a while and then faster and it made Carrie go crazy.

"Oh god Brad yes yes yes please" Carrie cried out as Brad hit her in the right spot and she experience a powerful orgasm. It felt amazing to Carrie and she held tightly to Brad as she slowly calmed down from her amazing feeling. Brad moved a few more times and then exploded his seed into Carrie's womb and felt his own orgasm. He collapsed on top of Carrie and they held each other close. Finally Brad moved off of Carrie but pulled her to his chest to cuddle.

"I love you Carrie and I hope you are ok because I did not want to push you into anything ever" Brad said and then kissed her forehead.
"I love you too Brad and it was very special and I am very very happy" Carrie said and kissed Brad who smiled into the amazing kiss.

They finally feel asleep cuddled close together and very happy.

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  1. aww what a hawt chapter. I love it so much and the chemistry is amazing. Update please?!