Monday, January 23, 2012

Chapter 1

Carrie missed being with Brad when they had been young. He was so sweet and gentle with her and made her know that being with a man is supposed to be happy and not sad.

Life made the young happy couple have to go their separate ways and so Carrie thought that Jason was a good guy. He was nothing of the sort. He hit her, raped her and was verbally abusive and Carrie thought she deserved it but now she had gotten out of that relationship and moved away and Jason was now in jail and would never hurt her or anyone again.

Carrie was back in New York working for her Aunt Susan at her party planning company and just getting stronger by going to a counselor. Carrie was determined to get the past out of her mind and realize she was deserving of a healthy relationship with someone who would love her no matter what had happened in her life.


Carrie was going over some work on her laptop in her office when she heard a knock on her door. She looked up and saw her aunt standing in the door.

"Hey Aunt Susan come in" Carrie said as her aunt came and sat down on the corner of her desk.
"We just got a huge account for the business" Susan said smiling.
"That's great news. Who are we going to be planning a party for this time?" Carrie asked excitedly.
"The New York Rangers" Susan said.
"That is a huge account and I am really happy for you" Carrie said getting up from her chair and giving her aunt a hug.
"Sweetie you know who plays on the Rangers now?"
"No who?"
"Brad" Susan said looking at Carrie.
"Good for him" Carrie just stated and sat back down in her chair.
"Sweetie, it might be fun to see him again. Its not like you two had a bad breakup. You two just have different life paths but maybe it would be fun to reconnect with him. Catching up with old friends is fun. Think about it because this would be a great opportunity" Susan said as she got up and headed out of Carrie's office.

Carrie thought about what her aunt said and it would be fun just see Brad again and catch up.

Meanwhile at Madison Square Garden, the Rangers had just finished a tough practice and were having a team meeting in the locker room. Coach T walked into the room, "Hey guys give me your attention please"
The room got silent and all the guys looked up at their coach.

"This year's annual wine tasting party is being planned by "Kick It Up" and the owner is a good friend of my wife's. It will be required by everyone to attend. More details will be given out as it gets closer. I just wanted to give you all a heads up. OK that is all for now have a great afternoon and we will get to more serious tomorrow."

The guys are finally got themselves together and headed out of the arena.

Brad was heading out the door paying more attention to his phone than where he was walking. He bumped into someone and dropped his phone.

"Excuse me" Brad said and then looked to see who he had bumped into and his eyes widened, "Carrie?"
"What are you doing here?" Brad asked in shock.
"I am here with my aunt to help her with some party the Rangers are having soon" Carrie explained.
"Oh good so then you are a party planner?" he asked smiling at Carrie.
"I am my aunt's assistant and moved here recently so its all new to me" she said shyly.
"New to New York like me well I guess then since we are old friends, we can learn New York together, if you want to?" Brad suggested hopefully.
"Yeah since we are old friends that would be fun and I would love to catch up again unless your girlfriend or wife would have a problem with that?" Carrie said and then feeling stupid for saying it.
"No girlfriend or wife now, still a bachelor. What about you any boyfriend?"
"No I am single now and starting over from a recent past that was tough" Carrie explained.
"Oh ok, I know its always nice to have someone you kinda know to hang out with so give me your number and I will definitely be in touch so we can catch up because I would love that" Brad said smiling and they exchanged numbers and then said their goodbyes and both headed off in opposite directions.

Carrie was smiling when she finally found her aunt, who noticed who Carrie had run into.

"I see you and Brad were talking"
"Yes and he is gonna call me so we can reconnect and catch up at some point soon" Carrie said smiling.
"Good because you need some happiness in your life now, sweetie" her aunt said and they headed off to their meeting.

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  1. nice start to the story. i can't wait read more of it.