Monday, January 30, 2012

Chapter 5

Carrie was getting more comfortable with this relationship with Brad. She was enjoying going to his games and cheering on the Rangers and doing volunteer work as a hockey girlfriend. Carrie was enjoying a full healthy relationship with Brad and it was fun. But recently she was starting to feel tired more than usual but thought nothing of it because she had been working a lot lately.

One day the party planners were having a morning meeting and Carrie put her stuff in the conference room and was about to settle in her chair when some smell hit her wrong and she zoomed out of the room and into the bathroom to throw up. She cleaned her face off at the sink and thought nothing of it. She went back to the meeting and sat down feeling somewhat better but a few moments later she trying to keep her eyes opened and her aunt Susan noticed but did not say anything. Finally the meeting was done and Carrie was collecting her stuff when her aunt stopped her.

"Carrie are you ok? Are you sick sweetie?"
"I went out to dinner with Brad last night and maybe I ate something that did not settle with me but I will be fine. I promise" Carrie said apologetically.
"Carrie, its not your dinner from last night. I know this, what's really going on?" Susan asked with concern.
"Nothing Aunt Susan, I have been busy and did not sleep great last night but I am going to get my work done".
"Darling, I am woman just like you and I know you and Brad are having a full adult relationship which means I know you are having sex so I bet you are pregnant. I know this from having a couple of kids myself. I know you were pregnant a couple of times before and what happened but this time I bet you are further along than your past pregnancies and did not realize all the effects its having on your body. Sweetie go to the doctor and find out because this would be great news for you and Brad" Susan explained.
"Aunt Susan, I.....I....can not be pregnant....I or maybe" Carrie stuttered looking confused.
"Go call the doctor" Susan said and Carrie went to her office and called.

A few hours later Carrie was leaving the doctor's office with a little miracle growing inside of her. She waved down a taxi and headed to Madison Square Garden to find Brad.

When Carrie got to the arena and found the offices she talked with the security guard and he sent Carrie to the team lounge. She ran into a few of the guys and they all chatted and finally Brad walked in and saw Carrie and smiled when he saw her.

"Hey gorgeous what do I owe the honor of your presence here?" Brad asked pulling Carrie into his arms and kissing the top of her head.
"I just came from the doctor and just needed to talk to you" Carrie said biting her lip and Brad looked worried.
"Come on we can find someplace to talk in private" Brad said leading Carrie away and his teammates looked at each other wondering what was going on and hoping that everything was fine for Carrie and Brad.

Brad found Coach Torts and talked to him for a moment and Coach Torts said they could use his office. Carrie thanked the coach and he patted her shoulder and said nodded.

Brad shut the door and turned around, "What's going on? Carrie you are scaring me majorly when you said doctor and talk to me in private. Spill now".
"Sorry I just wanted this to be a private conversation between you and me" Carrie said.
"OK so what's wrong?" Brad demanded.
"Nothing is wrong and I healthy and......" Carrie stopped and walked over to Brad and took his hand and put it on her abdomen.
Brad looked at his hand and then looked into Carrie's eyes and shook his head, "Are" Brad stuttered.
"You are going to be a dad" Carrie exclaimed and smiled as she looked into Brad's eyes and Brad grinned from ear to ear and then pulled Carrie close and kissed her like it was no tomorrow.
"I thought you were sick so do not ever ever do that to me again!" Brad demanded and Carrie pulled away from Brad and started crying.
"Oh baby I am sorry I did not mean to scare you" Brad said feeling bad for scaring Carrie and pulling her to him to calm her down, "I did not mean to scare you or ever hurt you. I am thrilled about our baby".
"I thought you were mad and I did not know what you might do but I am glad you are happy about our baby" Carrie said calming down as Brad was hugging her and rubbing her back. Carrie was slowing calming down and Brad could tell, "Baby this is the best thing ever, a baby. We are going to be parents and I love you so much".
"I love you too Brad" Carrie snuggled into Brad's strong arms.

Brad and Carrie left the office and everyone was staring at them and so Brad decided to get all their attention.

"Ok so you all are staring at Carrie and I so just to let you all know, Carrie's pregnant" Brad said.
His teammates were hooting and hollering and congratulating Carrie and Brad on their new bundle of joy.

Carrie was happy and now that she told Brad first about their baby she knew that everything was going to work out.

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  1. awesome chapter. Awww both Brad and Carrie are going to have a baby. That is so awesome. Can't wait for more!