Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chapter 3


"This is really hard to talk about because it brings back such horrible memories but I am in therapy and it is working. My counselor has been a god send to me and there were times I was ready to just give up and end it all but my counselor kept telling me that ending it all was not the answer. I had to fight this battle because it was not my fault" Carrie started and Brad continued to listen intently at every word Carrie was saying.

"My ex was at first a good guy because he did the nicest things, like send me flowers and tell me how pretty I was but that only lasted a short while and then he got all possessive and jealous. He would see me talking with a salesperson at a store and swear I was flirting with the guy and it started a huge argument in the privacy of my place or his place. Then I got slapped around or kicked or called every name in the book and I thought because of the way he explained things I deserved it".

Carrie took a breath and Brad pulled her closer and said, "You never deserved any of that. You are a beautiful and amazing woman and I promise you I am going to make sure you know how gorgeous you are in every way I can".

Carrie looked at Brad and smiled and then continued, "I kept all my bruises and hurt secret and keep a strong front so no one knew how bad my personal life was getting. Jason had also forced me have sex and it hurt. I thought it was suppose to be sweet and gentle because when I had been with you it was fun and made me feel special but with Jason he hit me and pushed himself on me and it was bad. I cried every time it happened but luckily it was not that much because I will tell him I was sick and he believed me. But my secrets were finally reveled after one assault by Jason. He had hurt me so bad that I was bleeding badly that I called 911 because I really thought I would die and....." Carrie could not and started sobbing and Brad hugged her tightly.

"Hey sweetheart if you want to stop its fine. And I hate seeing you upset and scared" Brad said and then kissed the top of Carrie's head.
"No I want you to know everything" Carrie insisted sitting back up to look Brad in the eyes.
"How about I get you a glass of water and then you can continue" Brad winked and got up to head into the kitchen.
Carrie sat there and thought how nice it was to be taken care of and not being scared all the time and being used.
Brad came back and handed her the water and Carrie took a sip and set the glass down and continued.

"The ambulance showed up and they took me to the hospital. While the doctors checked me out they found out I was miscarrying and it was bad because of being raped and beaten by Jason. They saved my life but I had lost another baby and that was rough even if it had been Jason's it was still my baby too."
"You lost another baby what are you talking about? Did that bastard get you pregnant twice?" Brad asked confused.
It hit Carrie she had never told Brad about their baby, "No Jason was not the father of my first baby that I lost. It was you" Carrie said now very sure that Brad would just leave her and never talk to her again.
"We had a baby?" Brad said in shock.
"Yes its kinda cliche but when I gave you my virginity when we were teenagers I got pregnant but we broke up and I actually got really sick and lost our baby. I will understand if you are upset with me for never telling you and if you do not want to have anything more to do with me I completely understand" Carrie said sniffling again and biting her lip.
"I am never leaving you and completely understand. We were young and were not ready for parenthood then but we are adults now and when you want to do adult things with me, I am ready" Brad joked to lighten the mood and leaned over to kiss Carrie's cheek which earned him a giggle from Carrie. That made Brad smile because she was smiling and laughing.
"Yes when I am ready to do adult things with you I will let you know and I just want you to know that Jason is serving a life sentence because he ended up doing some shady business deals that I had no part in what so ever" Carrie explained and Brad smiled.
"I know you are a tough girl and I am glad you are better now".
"Yeah well he also scared me with saying he had been with other women and that freaked me out so I went to the doctor to make sure I had not gotten anything from Jason because he said things to scared me into doing stuff for him. And thank god the doctors gave me a clean bill of health or else I would have really been a hopeless case" Carrie said shaking her head.
"Well then I am really looking forward to adult things with you, baby and I am going to make sure its special because you are very special to me, Carrie" Brad said and then surprisingly kissed Carrie and she welcomed his kiss and Brad deepened it and Carrie played tonsil hockey with him and she won.

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  1. awww poor Carrie and i glad she told Brad about her past. what a great emotional chapter. i can't wait for more!