Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chapter 17

*Hey readers if I have any, here is a quick update for my story. I hope you enjoy. And I am gonna try and work
on this story since I have some free time now and hopefully finish it before too long and then start something new.*

As Carrie had told Brad earlier she wanted to do one thing at a time so now that Brooklyn was at home, they
could start planning their wedding. Brad agreed and was excited to start that part of his life with Carrie.

One afternoon while Brooklyn was napping, Brad and Carrie were in their den looking at wedding magazines and at
online wedding sites for ideas for their upcoming nuptials.

"Brad, I think we should get married at my Aunt Susan's Hampton beach house. It would be private and it would
be on the beach which is always romantic" Carrie suggested.
"I like the idea of being on the beach and of course romantic is the only way to go for our special day" Brad smirked
leaning over to kiss Carrie.
Carrie smiled, "Then I will talk with Aunt Susan soon but I am sure she will be thrilled for us."
"Yeah I think just the fact that we are finally together after everything makes her happy" Brad said.

After a bit Brooklyn started to cry so that got Carrie up and went to get her up. Carrie was picking up Brooklyn
our of her crib when Brad walked into the nursery.

"Hey look daddy is here so he can take over and change you" Carrie said to Brooklyn as she laid her down
on the changing table.
"Thanks sweetheart for giving me the fun job" Brad sarcastically said as he took over changing his daughter.
"You are the greatest man ever baby and that is why I love you so much" Carrie said giving Brad a quick kiss.
"Love you too baby" Brad said.


They spent the afternoon at the pool and just relaxed. Carrie and Brad took turns with Brooklyn in the water.
Brooklyn liked being in the water and kicking her little legs to splash. Carrie could not help but smile because
this is all she ever wanted in her life.

When they got back home, they changed and then Carrie feed Brooklyn in her nursery. Carrie was sitting in her comfy
rocking chair as she feed her baby. Brad came to the door and watched the intimate moment between mother and child.
He smiled to himself and then walked away. Finally Brooklyn was finished and Carrie then put her down in her
crib for the night.

Carrie went to find Brad in the den checking his phone. Carrie went and sat down next to him.

"What's going on? Any news?" Carrie asked snuggling close to Brad. He put his phone down and pulled her
close to him, "Actually just saw that coach was fired but still nothing on my future yet."
"Hopefully soon you will know what's going on because it does effect me too."
"Believe me sweetheart I know and am not making any decisions without your consent." Brad said kissing Carrie's temple.
"Good because I will go anywhere with you no matter what. You and Brooklyn are my main priorities." Carrie said smiling.