Friday, June 1, 2012

Chapter 13

Carrie was in her hospital room and the nurses were prepping her for labor. Brad was a nervous wreak and not sure what to do so he sat off to the side and waited until he could hold Carrie's hand. Finally Carrie reached out for Brad's hand and he walked over and held her hand.

"Oh god Brad this is freaking out" Carrie said flipping out.
"It is going to be fine. Just relax" Brad said gently pushing her hair off her face and then giving her a quick kiss on the forehead.
"I...can....not...relax Brad! I have a baby inside of me and it wants OUT! UGH Oh God" Carrie stuttered.

Brad gave Carrie some ice chips to suck and he caressed her hand to try and relax her.

Carrie was slowly starting to calm down because Brad seemed to have that affect on her and that he was caressing her hand was wonderful. He always knew how to calm her down by either holding her hand or giving her a kiss.

The doctor walked in and asked, "How's the patient?"
"I am doing better" Carrie said smiling at Brad, who smiled back at Carrie.
"Good then let's have a baby" the doctor said.


Several hours later Brad and Carrie were the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. They named her Brooklyn Grace Richards. Little Brooklyn was rushed off to the Neonatal Unit because she was born early. Carrie and Brad had a few moments with their new daughter and then had to watch as the nurses took her so the doctor could check Brooklyn out.

After Brooklyn was gone, Carrie took a deep breath and look up at Brad with tears in her eyes. Brad looked down at Carrie and kissed her.

"I can not say if everything will be perfect but Brooklyn is a Richards and we are strong" Brad said looking lovingly into his fiancee's eyes.
"I hope so because I need our baby daughter to survive after losing two other babies" Carrie said strongly.
"I know sweetheart and all you and I can do is pray for Brooklyn to be strong and survive".
"Bradley you always make me feel better and I love you so much" Carrie said smiling.
"I love you more Carrie" Brad said kissing Carrie again and held her as they prayed for their new baby girl and her survival.

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  1. Love love your update. Aww baby Brooklyn!! Can't wait for another update!!